cpu scaling in 8.04

michael nussman nussmaus111 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 4 00:39:48 BST 2008

my most reascent build is an amd phenom-9850 on a gigabyte ga-ma78gm-s2h (rev.1.10 ) motherboard, and i have been getting an error message after installing updates that saays ccpu scaling is not implemented by the operating system. all 4 cores are recognized, and to the best of my knowledge are operational. i have set the cpu multiplier at 14, and that is the only non-stock setting on my system. setting it back to default does not get rid of the message. how do i get this thing set up correctly? it's not in bios....so it is probably the o/s kernal.....the machine runs flawlessly except for a bit of a stutter in the graphics....
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