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== Present ==

 * Martin Pitt (pitti) - chair
 * Alexander Sack (asac)
 * Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)
 * Bryce Harrington (bryce)
 * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

 * Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro_)
 * Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)
 * Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
 * Rick Spencer (rickspencer3)

== Apologies ==

 * Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - holiday
 * Chris Cheney (calc) - holiday
 * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) - holiday

== Agenda ==

 * Outstanding actions from last meeting
 * [[|Sponsoring Overview update]]
 * Release Status
 * Review activity reports
 * Any other business

== Outstanding actions from last meeting ==

 * Martin to talk to beuno to put the desktop team meeting at the fridge -- ''done''
 * Everyone to register their specs and propose for "uds-jaunty" by the end of the week -- ''done''

== Actions from this meeting ==

 * Alex to contact the security team to do a Firefox security update dry run with them

== Welcome to Rick ==

Rick Spencer, the designated desktop team lead, participated in the
desktop team meeting the first time. At UDS, one-to-one sessions will
happen between Rick and all team members, to get to knwo each other.

== intrepid-updates bug ==

Remaining issues for the desktop team are:

 * a big network-manager update by Alexander; the fixes which are available already will get uploaded ASAP, so that we can test them thoroughly as long as most people are still using intrepid. There are some bugs which require more intrusive/not yet finished patches, those will be done in a later SRU.

 * bug #204770 (tracker spawned by starting gdmsetup) by Sebastien; already fixed in Jaunty, trivial patch, wil upload ASAP

== Merges ==

Most merges are done, it's just two or three outstanding ones for each team member. Martin offered to do the igerman98 one for Alex. The team's goal is to get them all done by next week, so that they are done by UDS.

== Mozilla security updates ==

Alex stated that he currently seems to be the only one who can actually do Mozilla security updates, so he had to do them during his holidays.

There is existing documentation how to merge upstream fixes, build orig.tar.gzs from bzr, how to do QA, etc., but it's spread around.

Alex will contact the security team to do a dry run with them, so that we have more people who know the packaging and update procecure.

== Next meeting ==

We will not have an IRC meeting next week, since we'll see each other at FossCAMP, some people are on holiday, and Martin is on the DX sprint.

== Activity reports ==

=== Alexander Sack (asac) ===

On leave from 6-21 Nov

stable maintenance work:
 * firefox/xulrunner security update
 * SRUs: at-spi, network-manager-pptp
 * start to work on thunderbird security update

 * start to process holiday mail flood

open SRU buglist:

 * network-manager
  * #256905 - local link regression (have patch)
  * #282207 - sierra 3g doesnt set APN (have patch)
  * #284212 - VPN connection secret bug (fixed for pptp, others to
  * #292054 - drivers take too long to associate (increase timeout patch will be used to help those that only have a timeout issue)
  * #268667 - not all ppp defaults set for 3g (have patch)
  * #291564 - ifupdown plugin doesnt unmanage "mapped" devices (have patch)
  * #291902 - ifupdown plugin exports configurations in unmanaged mode
  * #258743 - MTU not properly set (not yet started)

 * network manager applet
  * #268803 - nm-applet starts in kde
  * #289466 - Network Manager 0.7 applet not Appearing with managed entries in /etc/network/interfaces

 * network manager vpn plugins
  * #262191 (vpnc) - no option for group password (patch, new approach upstream, but UI changes)

 * ubufox
  * #291417 - wrong plugin info in pluginfinder (patch pending upload)

 * mozilla-devscripts (fta)

=== Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje) ===

Short week for me:
 * Thursday and Friday: FreedomHEC conference in Taipei
 * Monday: sick leave
 * registered blueprints for UDS
 * follow up on bug reports
 * trying to fix the Rosetta import of the French dolphin po file for Hardy

=== Bryce Harrington (bryce) ===

OEM Work:
* Spent week at OEM team's 'November Nexus'
  * Most time was spent helping sort out a number of issues for OEM folks for several customer projects.
  * Gave presentation on
  * Various meetings, conf calls, etc.
* Drafted X driver development recommendations

Distro Work:
* Development of Automated historical package builder
* Development on xlogparse (summarizes Xorg.0.log file contents)
* Caught up on all -fglrx bug triage.  Forwarded 5 more -fglrx bugs upstream to AMD.
* Release Targeted Assigned Bugs: None
* Sponsorship work:  bash_completion (#257903), vte (#29787), nfs-utils (#293705)

=== Chris Cheney (calc) ===

 * Short 2 day week (Out 3 days - 2 sick, 1 vacation)
 * Found and resolved a memory issue on my build machine causing weird build failures with OOo.
 * Finished preparing 1:3.0.0-4ubuntu1 and uploaded to jaunty ppa (for Doko to test)
 * Helped jdstrand resolve issues with dapper amd64 OOo security release

=== Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) ===

No report received, on holiday.

=== Martin Pitt (pitti) ===

Currently open intrepid-updates targeted bugs:
 * 297771 (logcheck ignores all logs in "server" or "workstation" config): in -proposed for testing
 * 275407 (cups: ipp/http backends not available): in -proposed for testing
 * 299707 (cups: Impossible to print in reverse order): in -proposed for testing
 * 154277 (cups: serial backend failed with Permission denied): in -proposed for testing
 * 285879 (jockey: gnome-appearance-properties keeps proposing fglrx on ati cards): fix in bzr, needs upload
 * 283765 (jockey: fglrx installation failure: EOF on stdin at conffile prompt): fix in bzr, needs upload

 * all done, except for inkscape, which I'd like to hand to Bryce

Non-chores work done:
 * A ton of intrepid SRU processing and sponsoring
 * Investigated postgresql stemming support for landscape team
 * UDS planning calls, spec preparation, and scheduling
 * found some time to squash a lot of hal-info bugs, and some in cups and jockey

 * ca-certificates, kde4libs, kdelibs, libgpod, linux, ntfs-3g, python2.5, system-tools-backends, ttf-sil-scheherazade, xuxen-eu-spell

=== Sebastien Bacher (seb128) ===

 * lot of desktop bugs triage
 * looked at debian GNOME updates and did some merges and syncs
 * GNOME 2.24.2 updates for intrepid
 * catching up on mails reading
 * sponsoring: cairo, libgnomecanvas
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