GNOME keyboard indicator in default (Live CD) environment

Lumír Jasiok lumir.jasiok at
Sat Nov 15 15:28:54 GMT 2008


currently I am working on (diskless) kiosk project. Our diskless kiosks 
are booting modified Ubuntu Desktop Live CD (8.04.1 LTS) using TFTP (fat 
"thin" clients). Our students will be using live CD environment and 
after their logout everything will be cleaned up, and prepared for next 
student. For our kiosk solution we need to modify default live CD and 
add some packages, make some configurations etc. I do this by shell 
scripts, some Python modules etc. Everything is made non-interactively 
and repeatedly using original Ubuntu Desktop CD image.

Everything we need I already did, except one thing. I can't figure out 
how to add GNOME keyboard indicator and configure him for our needs (add 
Czech and English keyboard layout and set up standard keyboard switch 
shortcut - <Alt>+<Shift>). Please can you help me? I can't find any 
relevant documentation nor help in ICR chatrooms/Launchpad etc. Please 
how did you modify GNOME panel for Ubuntu needs? This question is 
primarily for gnome-panel/gnome-applets maintainers. I need add this 
applet (keyboard indicator) non-interactively using script(s).

Thanks for any help.


 Lumír Jasiok
 VSB-TU Ostrava - Computer centre
 Tel: +420 59 732 3189
 E-mail: lumir.jasiok at

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