Icons in the fast-user-switching menu: mock

Baptiste Mille-Mathias baptiste.millemathias at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 11:34:17 GMT 2008

Le samedi 15 novembre 2008 à 18:10 +0900, Manu Cornet a écrit :
> Hi all,
> The new Shutdown/Suspend/etc. actions in the top-right
> fast-user-switching applet look great! However, I was wondering if
> adding icons next to the menu items (as we usually do in GNOME) would
> be a good idea? Or do you think it would add too much clutter?
> Here is a mock:
>     http://www.manucornet.net/pub/ubuntu/intrepid_fast_user_switching_menu_icons.png
> (of course, better icon suggestions welcome). Tell me what you think :-)
> Cheers,
> Manu

Hello Manu,

I'm happy to see you back and fine :)

I seems your FUSA applet misses the Instant Messaging status (available,
away, ...) which is part of my FUSA applet on intredpid, so I'm
attaching the screen shot of mine.

So you can see there is an icon already for each status, but on the
right side.
So I have 2 questions:
- I wonder if the IM status icons should be moved on the left side
- if we put icons for session actions, I'm afraid there are too much
icons (at least, we can try to mock that up)

See you :)
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