Desktop team meeting report, 2008-11-11

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== Present ==

 * Martin Pitt (pitti) -- chair
 * Scott James Remnant (Keybuk)
 * Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)
 * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
 * Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
 * Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)

== Apologies ==

 * Alexander Sack (asac) -- holiday
 * Bryce Harrington (bryce) -- national holiday
 * Chris Cheney (calc) -- travelling
 * Sebastien Bacher (seb128) -- national holiday

== Agenda ==

 * Outstanding actions from last meeting
 * [[|Sponsoring Overview update]]
 * Review activity reports
 * Any other business

== Outstanding actions from last meeting ==

 * Martin to upload current PPA langpacks to hardy/intrepid-proposed -- deferred; there was a langpack-o-matic bug which broke KDE translation, which Martin fixed, and we were waiting for a new Rosetta export to get full KDE translations; ETA tomorrow
 * Jonathan to track down who is working on bug #290695, set assignee, and clarify status  -- nobody is working on it, he will look into it himself

== Actions from this meeting ==

 * Everyone to think about what they would like to work on in Jaundy; we will discuss UDS preparations in next week's meeting.

== Team changes ==

Scott announced that next week will be his last meeting with the desktop team. He will be on holiday from the 22nd on, and there will be a new desktop team manager starting in December.

Matthew and Ken will move to the Visual/Creative Design team next week.

== Activity reports ==

=== Alexander Sack (asac) ===

No report received, on holiday.

=== Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje) ===

 * langpack-o-matic: import new intrepid translations (full-export from Rosetta)
 * cleaning up bugmail and follow up on some outstanding issues
 * reorganizing my data on my laptop to make space for Jaunty development
 * uploading hardy langpack updates
 * doing some work on font-selector

=== Bryce Harrington (bryce) ===

 * Worked on assigned bugs, updated todo lists
 * Reviewed -intel quirks.
  * Filed Hardy SRU for the 8xx pipea quirk, which has been sufficiently well tested now.
 * Catch up on xorg, debian-x, etc. mailing lists
 * Upstreamed 190857, 291053, 291045, 291040, 270690, 291055, 268853
 * Triaged 500 new bugs across various xorg packages.  Resulted in being able to close several score as fixed, or invalid due to unavailable hardware.
 * Sponsor queue 1 hr (mainly just cleanup/review)

Assigned release targeted bugs:
 * 284346 "Fix dithering" [Fix Committed].  Cherrypicked patches from upstream for this, packaged, tested, and submitted as SRU.
 * 274234 "CD_INVALID_OPCODE" [Fix Committed].  Fix for 284346 should also fix this one.
 * 278318 "video tearing".  Not targeted, but regression worth review, that can probably be easily addressed by adding an xorg.conf option.

=== Chris Cheney (calc) ===

 * Attended the OOoCon 2008 conference
 * Bug triage

=== Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) ===

 * Merging KDE packages with Debian
 * Discussing UDS ideas
 * Merging patches for system-config-printer-kde
 * SRU for kdelibs 278602

 * start packaging KDE 4.2 snapshot

=== Kenneth Wimer (kwwii) ===

Short report, 3 days...adjusting to new weekly meeting schedule.

 * Finished design and made eps file for UDS armbands

 * getting more informed/involved in gnome-art, attended meeting; collecting info for simplified 2D panel theme, gtk-css engine, etc.

 * Updating Dust theme in community-themes includes 3 color variants which also look nice, coming soon in my PPA for testing

=== Martin Pitt (pitti) ===

Currently open intrepid-updates targeted bugs: None

Non-chores work done:
 * A ton of intrepid SRU processing and sponsoring
 * Lots of merges; forwarded all relevant patches to Debian/upstream as appropriate
 * Updated ConsoleKit to 0.3
 * Updated hal to new git snapshot for patch cleanup, sent patches upstream
 * Fixed my intrepid targetted bugs
 * 9.04 planning phone calls
 * set up for Jaunty

 * f-spot, fast-user-switch-applet, gnome-games, gnome-pilot, gnome-settings-daemon, grub, grub-installer, initramfs-tools, mdadm, kde4libs

=== Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) ===

No report received.

=== Sebastien Bacher (seb128) ===

No report received, on holiday.
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