Unmounting removable devices

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Tue Nov 11 09:22:36 GMT 2008

On 11/11/2008, Ivan Sagalaev <maniac at softwaremaniacs.org> wrote:
> Matthew East wrote:
> > I think it's a good idea. Whether they use Windows or Ubuntu, new
> > users (at least those I know) hardly ever get to know that they should
> > unmount removable devices before unplugging them.
> BTW, can we get rid of this concept at all? As far as I understand this
> situation exists only because of cached write that causes progress bars
> and other visual indications to end before the actual process ends. I
> believe that switching off write cache for removable drives will greatly
> reduce chances for the user to mess things up by unplugging a drive. Or
> am I wrong?
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I agree.

You want to be new user-friendly? Then they shouldn't have to unmount at
all. Let them yank it out whenever they want like a good old diskette.

Put an option somewhere so that advanced users can take control of mounting
and unmounting.

Problem solved.

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