Bad defaults: User privileges [urgent!]

Nanley Chery nanleychery at
Sun Mar 23 07:17:01 GMT 2008

Oh nevermind, I found an existing bug report:

On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 3:04 AM, Nanley Chery <nanleychery at> wrote:

> * I am testing 8.04 Beta*
> By default, users do not have the privilege to "Use scanners." Due to the
> rise of multifunction printers, this is a problem that should be fixed
> before the final release of 8.04.
> Bug: I installed HPLIP-Toolbox and noticed errors and grayed out tabs -
> the app was useless. It was not until I gave my self the permission to "Use
> scanners" (under Users and Groups) that I was able to fully use the
> application. I am not sure what to file this bug under, so I am asking for
> help on making a bug report (or for someone to do it for me). Thank you.
> P.S. Why are options, "Use tape drives" and "Send and receive faxes"
> unchecked as well? (I kinda understand the tape drives part). Why not give
> the admin users all privileges?
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