PackageKit [was: Desktop Team Meeting, 2008-06-19]

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Jun 19 19:06:14 BST 2008

Scott James Remnant [2008-06-19 14:55 +0100]:
>  * pitti to talk to james_w and test PackageKit on Intrepid to determine necessary work
>  * pitti to talk to glatzor about updating PackageKit packages to 0.2.2
> [...]
> == PackageKit in Intrepid ==
> pitti asked whether anyone else was interested in helping to get
> PackageKit working in Intrepid.  He would really like to use it for
> jockey, and needs it for getting rid of more gksu desktop files.
> Other thing it would be considered useful for are
> gnome-control-center to install themes (seb128) and
> easy-codec-installation (pitti/mvo).
> pitti believed it to be in a pretty non-working shape, however
> james_w said that he had it worked in Intrepid.

So I played around with PackageKit in Intrepid, and indeed both the
current intrepid version and upstream's current 0.2.2 version do not
work at all. So I went ahead and fixed the build and the apt backend,
sent the patches to upstream, packaged 0.2.2, sent the debdiff to
Sebastian Heinlein (glatzor), and uploaded to Intrepid. And voila,
at least the basic operations (search for packages, get information,
install/remove, update, etc.) work just fine now on Intrepid. \o/

Thanks to James Westby for his help with how to build and debug

So I think I can consider these action items done.

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