Desktop Team Meeting, 2008-07-24

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Thu Jul 24 14:37:18 BST 2008

For minutes of previous meetings, please see DesktopTeam/Meeting.

== Present ==

 * Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - chair
 * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
 * Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
 * Martin Pitt (pitti)
 * Michael Vogt (mvo)
 * Mirco Müller (MacSlow)
 * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

 * Colin Watson (cjwatson)

== Apologies ==

 * Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) - LP 2.0
 * Ted Gould (tedg) - OSCON
 * Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro_) - Holiday

== Agenda ==

 * Outstanding actions from last meeting
 * Proxy setting location (mvo)
 * Integration of guest login (pitti)
 * Default theme in Intrepid (pitti)
 * [ Sponsoring Overview update]
 * Review activity reports
 * Any other business

== Outstanding actions from last meeting ==

 * Matthew to follow up with upstream about UI improvements in new user admin tool.
    not present, so carried over

== Actions from this meeting ==

 * Matthew to follow up with upstream about UI improvements in new user admin tool.

== Proxy setting location ==

mvo asks what is the best canonical place for a proxy config? /etc/apt/apt.conf is what the installer sets and what the current implemented of the system-service reads/writes, but it should probably also do something in the global environment, like /etc/environment or /etc/profile.

The concern about /etc/environment was that it's not intended to be a shell script, it's a configuration file that just happens to look like one.  The locale setting had moved to /etc/default/locale because gdm did not use pam_getenv.

The issue of another conf file was that it was another file to be sourced by shells.

Consensus was to use /etc/environment

== Integration of guest login ==

pitti asked where, other than the fast-user-switch appplet, the option to open a new guest login should appear.  Various options were suggested, including the logout dialog and the gdmflexiserver list.

No clear consensus appeared in the meeting.

== Default theme in Intrepid ==

pitti asked which theme would be the default for intrepid, kwwii clarified that the default would be a lighter theme.  In either case, users would not be changed from a light theme to a dark one.

== Activity reports ==

=== Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) ===

 * Adding Rosetta support to KDE 4, now blocked on cdbs
 * Fix cmake to include ccmake and cmake-gui
 * Various Ubiquity fixes for the KDE frontend
 * Testing CDs for Alpha 3
 * Discussing KOffice 2 packaging with community packagers
 * Fix various recommends to make CDs fit (thanks to slangasek for arts patch)
 * Remove unused SVG icons from kdebase, saves 40 Megs of space

done at sprint:
 * Investigate and package kpackagekit, works surprisingly well
 * Investigate kpolicykit, works less well
 * Test webkitkde and discuss with upstream, unlikely to be ready for intrepid
 * Fix some package Recommends to stop bringing in dbg packages to CDs
 * Package knetworkmanager 0.7, works well.  Write MIR for dbus-1-qt3
 * Remove system-config-printer-kde applet, now in KDE
 * Investigate what needs done to turn on compositing by default for kwin
 * Discuss kdesudo with Tonio
 * Various e-mails about KDE in Bzr
 * Test and sync new openbabel
 * Make sure default wallpaper is on the CD
 * Meeting about better Rosetta integration with upstream
 * Various fixes to guidance-power-manager

 * openbabel MIR (for kdeedu)
 * libzip MIR (for kdeutils)
 * dvipdfmx MIR (for cdbs, for Rosetta with KDE 4)
 * dbus-1-qt3 MIR (for network-manager 0.7)

 * KDE 4.1 final next week

No milestoned bugs

=== Kenneth Wimer (kwwii) ===

 * worked on final version of dark theme

 * made 5 a day icon

 * made debian birthday party banner, discussed with mattew nuzum

 * made inkscape daily build icon

 * finished web browser icon and other pics

 * 3/4s finished making time zone map for installer. Quite a large and 
 complicated job, no wonder nobody else has done it before.

=== Martin Pitt (pitti) ===

Assigned Intrepid specs:
 * UbuntuSpec:intrepid-device-permissions Dropped audio, video, dip, floppy
 groups, dropped user fingerprint reader access from hal. The rest is
 unfortunately harder to do, see spec update
 * UbuntuSpec:jockey-printer-driver-support fixed s-c-p is in the archive,
 jockey backend can fully detect printer drivers now; some UI bits are
 still missing
 * UbuntuSpec:gdm-guest-account
  * decided for intrepid approach, updated spec
  * tinkered with both "hack gdm" and "do everything from scratch"
  approches, both are very hard unfortunately; I have a halfway
  working prototype script now which sets up a guest session

Currently open milestoned bugs:
 - Intrepid: #224697 (Disable hibernation if swap is on file), #232428
   (guile 1.6 -> 1.8 transition): will do later, specs go first

Other work done:
 * Fixed up the new jockey for Intrepid alpha 3, should work now for
 the new nvidia driver structure; fglrx *should* work, but untested
 * Various bug fixes in hal and cups
 * Lots of mentoring of Alberto (tseliot) and Stefano (tacone)
 * Various discussions and hacks at the sprint; didn't keep track of

=== Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) ===

=== Michael Vogt (mvo) ===

A short week for me, I spent monday in bed with a nasty feverish cold
and I'm still not 100% normal (but almost :) and feeling a bit weak. 

 * update/review/upload command-not-found-data to current intrepid
 * update/review/upload app-installdata to current intrepid
 * Work on ddtp translations update for intrepid (but rosetta is
   giving me a hard time, some discussions with Jerome too about it)

 * integrate automatic nvidia pkg module detection into update-manager
   so that on hardy->intrepid the right new package gets installed
   (together with tseliot and pitti), is in the
   "better-nvidia-support" update-manager branch

 * implement policykit based dbus backend in 
   lp:~mvo/system-service/system-service (not complete yet, but working)
 * add simple UI patch to gnome-control-center to make use of the
   new backend (needs more polish)

 * bug triage
 * mail catchup
 * test new libmesa on ati r500 (mixed success, compiz does not
   run for me yet)
 * review/merge python-apt fixes from Emanuele Rocca
 * triage/bugfix run over gdebi bugs
 * hacking on the clone-to-vm script, had success booting into 
   a cloned system to do upgrade testing 
 * merged some fixes from bdmurray (thanks Brian!)

=== Mirco Müller (MacSlow) ===

 * packaging official 0.8 release of clutter, clutter-cairo, clutter-gtk,
 clutter-gst for hardy and intrepid, put in my ppa and handed over for
 upload-sponsoring (

 * started using clutter's support for .json file-format as
 theme-description for gdm

 * identified and reported bug regarding non-working relative sizes
 in .json UI-descriptions, if used in conjunction with clutter-gtk-embed
 widget, possible workaround known
 ( needed for themes
 adapting to different screen-resolutions and aspect-ratios

 * identified and reported bug of missing motion-events, if using
 clutter-gtk-embed widget (all handled via IRC), now fixed upstream and
 part of made packages

 * wrote text-filter and text-highlighting for login- and real-name entry

 * wrote digital-clock display, format can be themed in .json-file

 * updated spec-page with ogg/theora video of new design from UDS-Prague

 * discussion with gdm-upstream (William Jon McCann) about the new
 gdm-design, best practices and integration work for the
 "login-experience" at GUADEC'08

 * drew graphical elements (buttons, icons, background) for
 "login-experience" based on SVG-mockup provided by kwwii

 * traveling and attending GUADEC'08 in Istanbul

 * traveling and attending distro-sprint in London

=== Sebastien Bacher (seb128) ===

 * intrepid distro sprint:
  * uploaded the new gnome-session
  * discussed required compiz changes with michael
  * sponsored clutter0.8 packages from mirco
  * looked at epiphany-webkit
  * packaged the new gdm and pushed it to the ubuntu-desktop ppa
  * debugged consolekit, policykit with martin

 * catching up on mails and bugs after GUADEC and distro sprint

 * lot of GNOME 2.23.5 updates

 * bug triage

 * archive admin tasks

 * on holiday friday (swap day for Jul 14 which is a national holiday)

=== Ted Gould (tedg) ===

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