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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Mon Jul 7 14:33:34 BST 2008

Hi Ken,

Kenneth Wimer [2008-07-07 14:11 +0200]:
> http://sinecera.de/human-theme_0.21.dsc

Uploaded, thanks!

I have some questions wrt. the themes:

When I upgraded my laptop to intrepid, I got NewHuman by default (I
might have customized something in the Appearance applet on my
laptop), while on my desktop I stayed with Human. Which behaviour is
intended? (Preferably staying on human?)

Aside from general darkness (de gustibus non disputandum est), a
rather objective issue with New Human is that dialog and text
backgrounds are too dark. This is a particular issue with terminals;
black text still has a bearable contrast, but coloured text
just looks awful. Any chance to brighten the default background, or
special-case the Terminal window to have a very light background
color? Personally I really like the human one. It is not 100% white,
thus not too bright for the eyes, but still pretty much "white"ish for
not straining the eyes in bright working environments and providing
good text contrast.



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