Gnome-Bt should be removed from applications menu

Matthew East mdke at
Thu Jan 3 18:53:02 GMT 2008


On Jan 3, 2008 5:50 PM,  <cody-somerville at> wrote:
> Although I think the rationale you've presented Matthew makes sense, I
> know it confused my friend who recently installed Ubuntu.
> 1. His friend told him he had to install a bittorent client to download xyz.
> 2. He saw that gnome-bt was already installed but couldn't find the menu item.
> 3. He asked me for help.
> It didn't occur to him that if he attempted to download a torrent
> file, it would auto-magically work for him. Wait... why would anyone
> assume that?

It's the natural assumption - your friend was only confused because of
misleading advice at point 1 ;-)

Matthew East
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