[Bug 161960] Re: Add function to WinKey button on keyboard

Dylan McCall DylanMcCall at Gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 19:23:12 GMT 2008

Here is a good reason to make it so: Discoverability!

People often come to Ubuntu and wonder "where the Start menu is". If
they could press the Super key ("Start") and have something appear, that
would mean they quickly learn what Ubuntu has instead. People must think
outside of the anti-Windows thing here. The Start key may have been
inspired by Microsoft's main menu, but that does not mean it should be
ignored. It does not say "Windows' Start Menu"; it says "Start". "Start"
can mean whatever we make it to mean, and it can most definitely apply
here. I think that it makes sense for that key to mean and do what it
tends to say these days, which is to start the user off. No, the menu
does not have to say Start for that to make sense. I, for one, would
prefer if the menu did not since having two Starts would be redundant.

The Super key could be effectively mapped to either GNOME's main menu
applet, or to Deskbar. Both of those applets are present by default and
offer a great way of starting off one's journey into Ubuntu.

Either one could be achieved via a fairly straight-forward patch that
changes default settings for the respective application. I'll see what I
can do myself, although I must admit to having never looked at either
application (and I am a bit lost as to what project is ultimately in
charge of GNOME's hotkeys).

Add function to WinKey button on keyboard
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