Desktop Team Meeting, 2008-02-07

Scott James Remnant scott at
Thu Feb 7 15:50:35 GMT 2008

For minutes of previous meetings, please see DesktopTeam/Meeting.

== Present ==

 * Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - chair
 * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
 * Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
 * Loïc Minier (lool)
 * Martin Pitt (pitti)
 * Michael Vogt (mvo)
 * Mirco Müller (MacSlow)
 * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
 * Ted Gould (tedg)

 * Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro_)
 * Soren Hansen (soren)

== Apologies ==

 * Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) - on leave

== Agenda ==

 * Outstanding actions from last meeting
 * mvo: dapper->hardy kernel upgrades
 * FOSSCamp and UDS Sponsorship proposals
 * FOSSCamp team attendance
 * UDS sessions
 * Review activity reports
 * Any other business
   * pedro asked who should be bug contact for brasero and transmission,
seb128 confirmed this should be desktop-bugs
   * seb128 asked about the add to panel dialog, suggested to pass by

== Outstanding actions from last meeting ==

 * mvo: talk to Colin about using germinate to determine length of
package support (3/5 years, 18 months)
   Keybuk will ask about this in his phone call with Colin.  pitti
raised an point about language pack maintenance terms, Keybuk has
followed up with mdz and Steve George to find out.
 * seb128: talk to Scott for updating pppoeconf-gui spec status for the
feature provided by gnome-system-tools
   gnome-system-tools provides the ability to configure PPPoE devices,
so the spec can be marked implemented.
 * tedg: talk to Scott and Mark about screensaver-review; this is
currently way too underdefined for getting it into hardy
   This needs more group discussion, tedg will begin a thread on
ubuntu-desktop concerning the list.

== (mvo) dapper->hardy kernel upgrades ==

A lot of machines running dapper have the -386 kernel variant installed,
previously this was the generic kernel for x86 machines, but now that
has been replaced by -generic and -386 is for difficult hardware.  There
was also a -686 kernel, which is likewise replaced by -generic.

mvo proposes to automatically transition these specific kernels to the
-generic kernel, and proposes using the output of "uname -m" to
determine whether the -386 transition is desirable (the -686 transition
is a no-brainer).

soren proposed an alternate suggestion of using the logic for kernel
selection from the installer.

mvo will investigate.

== FOSSCamp and UDS Sponsorship proposals ==

The deadline has technically passed, though we have a slight extension.
The meeting was used to get a last-minute round-up of additional names
which Keybuk will sort through.

== FOSSCamp team attendance ==

Attendance of FOSSCamp this year will not necessarily be for the entire
team, instead this will largely depend on whether there are upstream
people attending that you can interact with.

== UDS sessions ==

A request was made for team members to think about sessions for the next
UDS, and have a list by the team meeting next week.

== Activity reports ==

=== Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) ===

 * Testing and releasing Alpha 4 (Thu, Fri), followed by
 * Taking new backups of various things since Alpha 4 candidates had
wiped my backup hard disk
 * Packaging KDE 4.0.1 (Friday to Wednesday)
 * Reviewing patches to kdebase updating consolekit and LUKS support
 * Pondering and discussing people and topics for FOSScamp/UDS
 * Working on System Config Printer port (Wednesday)

 * Waiting on seed changes for KDE 4 CDs

next week:
 * System Config Printer port

No milestoned bugs

=== Kenneth Wimer (kwwii) ===

 * worked on panel icons, added to launchpad. getting some help from
community (yeah!) - see attached pic for an example

 * art team coordination, meeting on friday 

 * wallpapers, clear-looks gtkrc - planning on putting in a new
wallpaper every week or so for testing. Also including a new gtkrc using
clear-looks soon for testing.

 * creating pdf with proposals (windows, icon, etc)

 * had a birthday :-)

BLOCKED: OOo icons. During the sprint I talked with calc about getting a
copy of the icons from OOo in a bzr repo so that we can allow community
artists to work on them. This still has not happened and we need to it
ASAP (as in we needed it ASAP weeks ago).

=== Loïc Minier (lool) ===

 * UbuntuSpec:gvfs-in-hardy

=== Martin Pitt (pitti) ===

Hardy spec assignments:
 * UbuntuSpec:policykit-integration - implemented; fixed a bug in CK

 * UbuntuSpec:restricted-manager-rewrite - uploaded 0.2 now with tons of
bug fixes and feature-catchup; set to 'beta available'; missing things:
broadcom wifi handler (will do next week, pretty easy to do), and KDE
frontend (Martin Bohm started working on it)
 * UbuntuSpec:hardy-reducing-duplication - no progress last week

 * UbuntuSpec:partition-management - not started, low-prio spec
Unfixed milestoned bugs:
 * 174128 (dhcp3 debconf question during upgrade, beta): no time yet
 * 22623 (CD-ROMs not mounted with UTF-8, beta): no time yet

 * Spent most of the week with bug triage and bug fixing. Got my bug
mailbox from 800 to < 500 now
 * CD testing for Hardy-4

TODO next week:
 * Fix above milestoned bugs
 * Completely catch up with my bugs folder (goal: < 50 mails left)
 * start attacking MIR reviews
 * langpack update for stables (blocked on getting a gutsy export;
should happen RSN)

=== Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) ===

=== Michael Vogt (mvo) ===

Did last week:

==== compiz ====
 * updated compiz, plugins-main, emerald
 * look into the problem that gnome-keybinding-properties can not be
used to set the super key (gnome #165343)

==== ReleaseUpgrades ====
 * add dapper->hardy quirks
 * followuped up on update-grub problem during release-upgrade (asks ucf
question on unmodified menu.lst, #187362)
 * research dapper kernel upgrade issues
 * backport update-manager-core to dapper-proposed, tested added
sru-verfication instructions. now server upgrades from dapper->hardy
should work
==== apt ====
 * merged UPPERCASE fix from keen for amd64
 * implemented MaxFailures option in the apt apport code
 * hunt souz issue with apt-ftparchive 
 * work on the apt-authentication-reliability branch and added a
APT::Update::AuthFailure hook that can be used to trigger a user
 * fix problems in the way breaks are handled in the problem resolver,
the normal scoring rules apply now in case of conflict and a break may
result in removal of the package that breaks (or causes the break) -
this fixes the issues nautilus upgrades when python-nautilus is

==== misc ====
 * package sponsoring 
 * bug triage
 * fix transient parent problem for some synaptic error messages 
 * work on getting Parallels into the gutsy-partner repo/ uploaded new
 * fix gksu so that the http_proxy environment is set (sudo cleans every
environment variable now not in a whitelist)
 * new update-notifier that has a better understanding when the last
update was performed

==== PackagingToolsUsability ====
 * new gnome-app-install with layout changes/fixes/UI improvments as
described in the spec
Outstanding spec work:
 * better way to display package support status
 * automatic importing of changed archive signing keys (machinery is in
place, stable key location is required)
 * update-notifier message on auth-failure from the daily cron job
 * better apt-get timeout behavior on networkless situations

=== Mirco Müller (MacSlow) ===

==== spec-related work (hardy-desktop-effects-shortcuts) ====
 * communication-glitch with mvo, found out that he did the work
exposing additional compiz-keybindings in gnome-keybinding-properties
 * wrote patch for exposing wm-keybindings in pager
 * above patch needs my patch from in order to work
(gconf-related additions)
 * wrote patch for exposing wm-keybindings in show-desktop-applet
 * screenshots showing the current state...
(transparency is due to fade-out-animation under compiz)
(transparency is due to fade-out-animation under compiz)

==== pending spec-related work (hardy-desktop-effects-shortcuts) ====
 * translation for newly introduced strings in pager and
 * icons needed for scale-, expo- and zoom-accelerator-hints (will need
help from kwwii)

=== Sebastien Bacher (seb128) ===

 * continued on the GNOME 2.21.90 updates

 * archive admin tasks

 * did some sponsoring

 * lot of desktop bug triage

 * desktop bugs fixing

 * tested new CD

 * looked at virtualbox, works quite nicely

 * nautilus gvfs updates:
  * testing on the new gvfs and nautilus
  * discussed some issues with alexander larsson
  * bug triage and forwarding to bugzilla
  * talked with christian kellner about gvfs work to do
  * backported some fixes from svn

=== Ted Gould (tedg) ===

 * Working on talk for SCALE (most of my time this week).  Jealous of
Jono having his done.
 * Packaged new GSS, submitted for sponsorship
 * Switched mail filtering to be server-side to work around beta
Evolution.  Getting reasonable Launchpad e-mails again (filtered).
 * Got Priority Pass also
 * Vacation planned: March 24-27

Scott James Remnant
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