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Colin Watson cjwatson at
Mon Dec 22 16:37:12 GMT 2008

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 06:37:18PM +0100, Tim Müller wrote:
> attached the last patch which makes totem show cover images embedded in
> audio streams instead of the totem logo if there are no visualisations.
> Sorry for the delay, I thought I'd sent this already (wasn't ready on
> Monday morning anyway though).

Thanks, and sorry I didn't get round to this before now (by 23 October
we were basically locked down for Ubuntu 8.10, and then there was the
release madness ...). I've uploaded this to Jaunty now. CCing
ubuntu-desktop so they know where this came from.

Have you forwarded this upstream? If not, should I?

I'm curious as to the thinking behind making this work only when there
are no visualisations. Noting that visualisations are Totem's default,
do you know if this meets the BBC's requirements? Of course, I
understand that if this overrode visualisations then there'd be no way
to turn visualisations on if you really wanted them.

> To make this work, you'll also need to patch gstreamer0.10-plugins-base
> with the second patch, which is gnome bug #556066 and has been fixed in
> gstreamer CVS. ChangeLog entry: 
>   2008-10-13  Sebastian Dröge  <sebastian.droege at>
>         * gst-libs/gst/tag/tags.c: (gst_tag_image_data_to_image_buffer):
>         Don't drop the last byte of image tags if they're not an URI
> list.
>         Fixes bug #556066.
> This would probably be a good thing to get in even if the totem patch
> can't go in, since this might affect retagging of files.

This squeaked into Ubuntu 8.10 shortly after you sent your mail
(gst-plugins-base0.10 0.10.21-3).


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