Firefox 3.0 needs to show 'Icons and Text' by default in the toolbar

Brett Alton brett.jr.alton at
Fri Dec 12 20:21:04 GMT 2008

Since Dapper, Ubuntu has removed the text from Firefox's toolbar to save
space on 800x600 resolution monitors (or so I once read).

I think to be consistent with the rest of GNOME (especially with System
> Preferences > Appearance > Interface > Toolbar Button Labels), Firefox
should show 'Text and Icons' in its toolbar by default. Why? I believe
it is less confusing to new uses who do not understand what the icons
mean fully. They need text re-enforcement to remind them that the blue,
270 degree icon means refresh. Not everyone knows this off the bat or
remembers it every day.

Plus, according to "System > Preferences > Appearance > Interface >
Toolbar Button Labels", all programs should have text below the icons.

If saving space in Firefox is an absolute must, then why not get rid of
the "Bookmarks Toolbar"? I think you need higher intelligence to use the
"Bookmarks Toolbar" than to use the forward and back button, the reload
button and the home button and I do not believe it is safe to assume.
Let the user find the "Bookmarks Toolbar" if they want to use it. Most
people I know that use bookmarks often know how to use an internet
browser enough to be able to re-enable the "Bookmarks Toolbar".

Lastly, with Firefox 3.0's new features, you can access bookmarks by
searching them in the "Address Bar" and save them using the new "star
button". The "awesome bar", I think is what they call it. This means
that bookmarks get double the attention and the buttons that actually
run Firefox gets less.

Sorry, I know this is a mixture of arguments (intelligence of the user,
compliance with GNOME), but this is just coming from a computer
technician who works with teachers and school staff every day.

Brett Alton
brett.jr.alton at

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