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Celeste Lyn Paul wrote on 18/08/08 14:01:
> On Monday 18 August 2008 08:31:03 Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>> KDE does a similar (but somewhat more confusing) thing by having two
>> up/left buttons in a scrollbar, one at the the top/left and the other
>> next to the down/right button.
> Hmm.. are you using a weird widget set?  We do it exactly like OS X
> with an up control at the top and an up/down control at the bottom
> (see attached, left KDE3, right KDE4)

In Mac OS X, a vertical scrollbar has one up button and one down button.
The Appearance control panel lets you specify where the up button goes.
(It's possible to have both buttons at both ends, but only using
command-line settings or third-party utilities like TinkerTool.)

In KDE, as shown in your screenshot, a vertical scrollbar has two up
buttons and one down button. It's not obvious why going up is twice as
important as going down, and having multiple buttons for the same task
causes dither.

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