Change the default screensaver from black to ubuntu logo

Klaus Bitto klaus.bitto at
Thu Aug 7 16:01:06 BST 2008

> While I understand having too much to do, if you have a little bit of
> time now one thing that would be useful is to start documenting and
> filing bugs on the apps that don't support inhibit but should.

No idea if this is useful for anyone else, but there's a little app I
wrote to keep the screensaver inhibited while watching video podcasts
on miro (which is one of those above candidates).

The app is sitting in the system tray and you can inhibit and
uninhibit gnome-screensaver with one click. (You can also start the
screensaver right away or lock the screen from the context menu, but I
think that's no big deal since you can do that from the logout menu,

So maybe this could be promoted to be used until all apps are fixed,
and even packaged.
At least I hope this can help other people, too... I just don't know
where to make it known.

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