Change the default screensaver from black to ubuntu logo

Ted Gould ted at
Thu Aug 7 13:50:55 BST 2008

On Thu, 2008-08-07 at 10:28 +0100, Odysseus Flappington wrote:
> I wouldn't mind sitting down and trying to submit the patches to the
> relevant projects myself, they're prolly at the right level for a
> beginner, but I really don't have the time at this point, maybe next
> year some time.

While I understand having too much to do, if you have a little bit of
time now one thing that would be useful is to start documenting and
filing bugs on the apps that don't support inhibit but should.  This way
there can be some discussion on the individual cases, but also we can
have a way to determine when the task is done.  I think making an
umbrella bug "Suspend happens when I'm doing stuff" that is dependent on
all of them would help.


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