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Wed Aug 6 12:39:24 BST 2008

Olá Martin e a todos.

On Wednesday 06 August 2008 11:51:15 Martin Pitt wrote:
> Odysseus Flappington [2008-08-06 11:35 +0100]:
> > I've been using Ubuntu with autosuspend turned on for 2 years now, and it
> > has never inhibited the autosuspend due to CPU usage. Be it while installing
> > packages, burning cds, playing mp3s, much less showing a screensaver.
> The issue is that a running screensaver would prevent the CPU to go
> into a power-saving sleep state, not suspending the entire machine.
> Martin

For the record, while on hardy (before i went to Intrepid) my laptop never had any trouble hibernating, no mater what had I running on it. No screensaver or the GL ones, and even IM (pidgin, skype) or Kmail. After the set time, if I wasnt here it would hibernate, even if plug to the power outlet.
In Intrepid this stuff is a bit messed and I cant make it work. [1]

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