Gnometris is still embarrassingly broken

Odysseus Flappington deriziotis at
Mon Apr 7 15:18:54 BST 2008

I'm not 100% sure how gnome-games is put together on a default installation
cd of ubuntu, but I think if the gnome-games package maintainer changes the
default theme to the working one in the package then it'll be fixed on all
new Ubuntu installs.

You can use to find the gnome-games package. You'll be
able to find the maintainer's email from there, ping him and see what he

Alex (Jackflap)

On 06/04/2008, Scott Ritchie <scott at> wrote:
> Since Gutsy there's been a longstanding bug against Gnometris:
> Simply put, the game as we ship it is unplayably slow.  Our high
> performance operating system can't run Tetris.
> There is a workaround that can work though: change the default theme.
> Gnometris will be uglier than Gutsy, but at least it will work.
> Thanks,
> Scott Ritchie
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