Inclusion of Abiword 2.6 in Hardy Heron

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Sat Apr 5 05:20:22 BST 2008

There is a bug report filed, requesting to update Abiword to the new
version 2.6 for Ubuntu Hardy. It does not appear that the desktop team
has been notified of it automatically though it was suggested that you
folks should have something to do with the freeze exception, so I may as
well let you know myself!
The reasoning is, in my opinion, indisputable. 2.4.x is now dead; it is
not going to receive any updates whatsoever. This means that many
outstanding bugs in the package would remain unfixed in Hardy without
updating the packaged version of Abiword. I should also take this moment
to point out that abiword-gnome is in main...

Further, 2.6.x breathes wonderful new life into Abiword, and it would
simply be a shame not to see it in the context of having new stuff. I
think Abiword deserves some support since the program is making
wonderful progress to being a good, integrated and easy to use
alternative to OpenOffice -- possibly worth considering as a default
some day. That day when Ubuntu can have a powerful and integrated office
suite by default will not come any time soon, however, if the packaged
version in its LTS release is out of date by over a year. Such an idea
cannot grow support if people are seeing an ugly, buggy and outdated
version of the program. (While this is a tad off topic, in my opinion
such an idea would be a good one; OpenOffice is wonderful, but totally
out of place as a default thanks to its behaving completely different
from anything else in this desktop environment; the more momentum
towards a full-fledged GNOME Office, the better!).

Relevant bug report:

-Dylan McCall
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