[Bug 202174] Re: Please update to version 2.6

Dylan McCall DylanMcCall at Gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 23:14:20 BST 2008

Just tossing in my 2 cents here:

2.6.0 has a number of visible changes, but the older version is unlikely
to have a significant ammount of support going into the future. This
means that, if any errors are observed with the 2.4.x series (eg: The
outstanding and very ugly bugs mentioned), it could become necessary for
Hardy to upgrade to 2.6 anyway or spend an unnecessary ammount of time
fiddling with patches. Changing major versions of included software
within one release is, of course, not really Ubuntu's way of doing
things. Thus, in the interest of having AbiWord kept reasonably well
supported, it would be sane to get the 2.6.x upgrade dealt with for
Hardy from the start.

Please update to version 2.6
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