What to do with gaim packages

Barry deFreese bddebian at comcast.net
Mon Sep 10 19:22:11 BST 2007

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> Le lundi 10 septembre 2007 à 12:05 -0400, Barry deFreese a écrit :
>> Hi folks,
>> Now that pidgin has theoretically replaced gaim, what should we do with 
>> all of the *-gaim-* packages?  Just rebuild them against pidgin or 
>> actually create new binary packages such as foo-pidgin or pidgin-foo?
>> Please reply to me if possible since I am not a member of this ML.
> hi,
> Most of the gaim packages have been renamed already, do you have an
> example of something which is still using gaim or is that a theoretical
> question?
> Sebastien Bache

I'm just working on Lucas's FTBFS list.  Here is what's on there (maybe 
they have already been done?)




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