Team Report!

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Wed Sep 5 09:48:22 BST 2007

Hey everybody,

in the past we've tried a couple of times to let the world know how much
awesome work we do in the Desktop team. The UDN, bits we contributed to
UWN and so on.

Jono had the idea of using wiki pages for team reports and collating
them once in a month. Our team page is at

We need to do this as a joint effort, so if you could please add a small
sentence to the page, every time you

      * fix an important bug,
      * implement a cool new feature,
      * get a new cool package included in Ubuntu,
      * etc

please let our users know and update that page.

To make it into reports, your items should be on it by the 22nd of every

Show the world how much good work we do in the team and help keeping the
page up to date.

Thanks a lot!

Have a nice day,

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