performance regression caused by deskbar-applet default inclusion

Jeff web.kiddo at
Thu Oct 4 00:48:12 BST 2007

And you did that testing with a cold boot right? Logging out and logging
back in is no good. You turned off the computer and all that?

How can gnome ever log in 10 seconds? I have been promised that but I
have *never* seen that happen on any of my machines (varied hardware). I
have a Pentium M, P4, two celeron Ds, all with at *least* 512mb of ram.
My login times are, at the very very best, if I strip everything from my
session login, 25-30 seconds. But with compiz or deskbar or whatever, it
very quickly goes up to 45 seconds or worse. Measured on cold start, of

Le dimanche 30 septembre 2007 à 07:02 -0700,
(=?utf-8?q?=60=60-=5F-=C2=B4=C2=B4?=) -- Fernando a écrit :

> I have a 1.7GHz Pentium M and 1GB of RAM and dont even notice 10 seconds to do my login with Deskbar. Havent remove it, but I can do it in the future.
> Other then a few crashes that I have with it, I love to use it.
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