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Oliver Grawert ogra at
Wed Nov 28 19:06:03 GMT 2007

On Mi, 2007-11-28 at 10:50 -0800, Ted Gould wrote:
> Hello,
> Currently in gnome-screensaver we're replacing the Debian logo
> screensaver with an Ubuntu Logo one.  I'm thinking we should change that
> so that we're just adding the Ubuntu one instead of replacing it.  I
> don't think it'll confuse users and it does pay tribute to Debian's
> importance to Ubuntu.  I think the Ubuntu logo should still be default.
we never replaced anything here, the 01_ubuntu_floaters.patch just adds
an ubuntu.svg and ubuntu_theme.desktop which are selected by default.

there is the popsqureas screensaver i disabled in the gss package since
we have all the hacks in xscreensaver{-data,-data-extras,-gl,-gl-extras}

we also usually package gnome stuff ahead of debian, i think they didnt
have the floaters patch up until gutsy (i might be wrong here though)


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