[Bug 164298] Re: [Usability] The PDF export implementation in UI is not good

Martin-Éric Racine q-funk at iki.fi
Wed Nov 21 20:01:45 GMT 2007

The wishlist you reported does not concern CUPS-PDF at all.

Please note that CUPS-PDF is not an interim solution to anything.
Rather, people have simply found it to be a convenient way to generate
PDF documents. It is specifically intended to replace paper printouts
with PDF documents and to do so using the familiar CUPS infrastructure.
It is not meant to provide a replacement Print dialog or to compensate
for any deficiency in desktop environments, since it is completely
unrelated to any particular desktop's GUI.

What will instead be done is that all desktop environments (GNOME, KDE,
XFCE, etc.) will eventually implement their own Export To PDF option, in
their respective GUI library or via a unified interface that is DE-

[Usability] The PDF export implementation in UI is not good
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