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Vincent Untz vuntz at
Mon Nov 19 16:32:09 GMT 2007

Le lundi 19 novembre 2007, à 01:32 +0100, Jan Claeys a écrit :
> Op zondag 18-11-2007 om 09:36 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Vincent
> Untz:
> > We never scale icons in the panel. For a panel with a size between
> > 24px and 31px, we use the 24px with some padding around it. For 32 to
> > 47, we use the 32px icon with some padding, etc.
> Is that also true for .svg icons?


Right now, only icons for the "scalable" size are SVG, and those are
used for sizes higher than 48px. And we don't scale icons beyond this
size for some old reason that might be invalid now... (I'd need to check
the rationale to be sure)

Of course, if all icons in all sizes become SVG, we'll probably want to
change this.


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