Building new gthumb package

Ivan Sagalaev Maniac at SoftwareManiacs.Org
Sat Nov 17 09:43:59 GMT 2007

Hello Paolo!

I'm writing in the list because it's stated as a maintainer of the 
gthumb package. Please direct me in a more appropriate place if I'm 

Ubuntu Gutsy ships with gthumb 2.10.6 which has a bug that annoys me 
much and which was fixed in 2.10.7. I tried to rebuild the package with 
a new source but to no avail... Is there any kind of a guide explaining 
how to rebuild a package with a new source? I have some (little) 
experience with building deb packages but they were packages of my own 
python libs without any patches etc... I think I'm missing something 
like should I replace gthumb source in the package directory after 
dpkg-source or should I change version numbers in .dsc and unpack it 
with the new tarball... Or something like this :-)

Thanks in advance!

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