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Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at
Fri Nov 16 08:14:56 GMT 2007

On Nov 16, 2007, at 6:42 PM, Ted Gould wrote:
> ...
> Because all of the icons sizes are SVG, we can scale them within
> specific ranges and it's like that they'll look pretty good, most users
> wouldn't notice.  The next step would to be starting to do things like
> "pixel fitting" rendering of the SVGs.  ClearType for graphics.

Or hinting for graphics, at least. (Roughly, ClearType is about the 
rendering of all those lines and curves that *weren't* pixel-fitted.)

> I don't know of anyone doing this today -- it'd be tricky to say the 
> least.
> ...

Mac OS X does this for GUI controls. So just as serifs in a hinted font 
become proportionately smaller as the size increases, in GUI controls 
outlines become proportionately thinner as the size increases.
<> (That's why I 
said "To make things other than the panel resolution-independent is 
quite a bit more complicated".)

OS X doesn't do this for application icons, though, because they use a 
scaling-resilient icon style instead
<> combined with 
a decent icon resizing algorithm.

Matthew Paul Thomas
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