Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at canonical.com
Wed Nov 14 23:57:35 GMT 2007

On Nov 4, 2007, at 4:46 PM, Sebastian Heinlein wrote:
> Am Sonntag, den 04.11.2007, 02:47 +0000 schrieb Tristan Wibberley:
>>> I plan to add a "Store configuration permanently" checkbutton to the
>>> main window, see http://glatzor.de/filesink/displayconfig/restore.png

"Store configuration" is an irrelevant implementation detail. What is 
important is what's happening to the computer's display.

Also, when adding a checkbox, always ask yourself: How obvious is the 
unchecked state? Here, what does it mean for "Store configuration 
permanently" to be unchecked? Would it store the configuration until 
the next full moon? :-)

If a checkbox's unchecked state can't be obvious from the label, use 
radio buttons instead. For example:

     Use these settings: (*) Indefinitely  ( ) Until I log out

That said, after reading this thread I don't understand the use case 
for applying settings only for the current session anyway. I suggest 
addressing that question first, as it will help you compose the rest of 
the design.

>> I never liked that sort of thing - it's not a part of the settings, 
>> but rather what to do with them upon clicking an action at the 
>> bottom. What do you think of changing "OK" to something like "Use for 
>> this session" and, if the user is a member of admin, adding another 
>> button along side it "Set as default"?
> ...
> We would only need a better wording. The term "session" should not be
> used since it is too technical. Using default seems to be to generic.
> I am not sure about the future of the test button. Currently we launch 
> a second x server with the new config file. But many drivers and cards 
> do not support this correctly and things tend to break. If we can 
> apply
> changes instantly a confirmation dialog with "keep" and "revert" button
> would appear after hitting one of the apply buttons. So the button 
> order for the main window would be the following one:
> [Apply Permanently] [Cancel] [Apply Temporarily]
> ...

The same problem applies here as with the checkbox. What does 
"Temporarily" mean?

> But we would still need at least tooltips:
> "Restore the chosen configuration after starting the computer" and
> "Revert configuration after shutting down the computer"?
> ...

A control that already has a text label, such as a command button or 
checkbox, should not need a tooltip to be understandable to most of the 
target audience.

Matthew Paul Thomas
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