Vincent Untz vuntz at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 6 12:39:12 GMT 2007

Le samedi 03 novembre 2007, à 22:21 -0400, Sebastian Heinlein a écrit :
> Hello,
> the coming XRandR support will require some changes to the layout of the
> main window and the monitor dialog, since we are going to support
> configurations that can be completely applied on the fly (xrandr for
> open source drivers) and file based configuration. Furthermore I would
> like to completely replace GNOME's resolution changing capplet.

I'm really worried that this is duplicating some work that is also
planned (or already being done, I don't know) upstream.

The GNOME control center maintainers want to have a nice screen
configuration tool, using xrandr. It might make sense to do this work
upstream, and have a script that detects if the computer has a
xrandr-suitable driver to launch the upstream tool or DisplayConfigGtk
(which would deal with the need to write to xorg.conf).


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