Sebastian Heinlein glatzor at ubuntu.com
Sun Nov 4 02:21:21 GMT 2007


the coming XRandR support will require some changes to the layout of the
main window and the monitor dialog, since we are going to support
configurations that can be completely applied on the fly (xrandr for
open source drivers) and file based configuration. Furthermore I would
like to completely replace GNOME's resolution changing capplet.

So the user must have administrative privileges to enable mulithead with
proprietary drivers or to make the configuration permanently. On the
other hand temporarily changing the resolution (free and proprietary
drivers) and temporarily using dualhead (free drivers) should not
require administrative privileges.

I plan to add a "Store configuration permanently" checkbutton to the
main window, see http://glatzor.de/filesink/displayconfig/restore.png

The checkbutton will be insensitive and inactive if the user is not in
the admin group (cannot sudo to root). If the user makes use of
proprietary drivers the checkbutton will also be insensitive but active.

Clicking on the OK button will ask for the root password if the
checkbutton is active.

Perhaps I will find the time to use PolicyKit for this, but I am not
sure if there will be enough time or how the future of PolicyKit will

Input welcome.


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