Call to participation: bugs cleanup on desktop packages for feisty

Thilo Six T.Six at
Wed Feb 21 20:29:36 GMT 2007

Sebastien Bacher wrote the following on 20.02.2007 22:55:


>  That's a good opportunity for you to point out problems that you
> would like to get fixed, to give a hand to make that happen, and to get
> a really rocking feisty desktop!

I have tested feisty and there are 3 issues i came across

1. desktop switcher in gnome does not let you add or remove desktops with the
up and down arrows in the config menu (with right click)
adding a specific number works though.

2. linux-generic + nividia-glx
does not work
nvidia-glx pulls in in linux-386 which does not boot here

3. setting a resolution on console is broken somehow
i get used to add vga=0x317 to kernel opts.
but this prevents X from starting (and makes the beautiful usplash misplaced
but thats minor to me)

2 and 3 are essential for my personal usage

> Cheers,
> Sebastien Bacher

bye Thilo
i am on Ubuntu 2.6 KDE
- some friend of mine

gpg key: 0x4A411E09

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