at-spi-registryd default settings in gdm

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at
Tue Aug 28 19:49:42 BST 2007


According to the maintainer of gdm in gnome, at-spi-registryd is 
active by default  if the configuration is set up to enable the 
accessibility modules.

On my setup and on another persons setup (I am talking about gutsy; I 
have not checked for feisty), at-spi-registryd does not run when I 
enable Assistive Technology in the Login Window preferences panel.

However, I encounter no problem with at-spi-registryd if I start it 
by using a gesture that I defined previously in the dwell gestures 
configuration of gdm.

Consequently, could anybody please confirm to me that 
at-spi-registryd is disabled by default during gdm in Ubuntu (I am 
not talking about the gnome session at the moment), even if Assistive 
Technology is enabled?

And if appropriate, could anybody please tell me why it is disabled 
by default during gdmlogin when assistive technology is enabled?

Thanks in advance.


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