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Erik Jan Philippo erik at
Thu Apr 26 21:20:56 BST 2007


Yes, I still want to contact the other projects. Actually, I already did a little bit. I've send the e-mail also to the GNOME usability mailing list. You can read it here: But what is the current plan? Does ubuntu still want to continue with the current specification and make the firefox1.5 behavior default? I think it's better to do some usability test and define a new tab behavior standard. We can use the usability work to convince the other projects. If we want to make the changes upstream they should   be compatible with for example the GNOME HUG. 

What do you think of it?


Erik Jan

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> Le mardi 20 mars 2007 à 22:40 +0100, Erik Jan Philippo a écrit :
>> Hi everybody,
>> I'm really interested in tabconsistency feature. It's very annoying that 
>> all the tab based application behave different. But I don't think the 
>> current proposal is the right way. I think we should make an standard 
>> for the tab behavior. We should collaborate with several open source 
>> projects. I suggest mozilla, gnome, kde and novells betterdesktop.
>> The standard should be well tested with usability tests (that's why i 
>> think is usefull). If the standard is defined we 
>> should ask as much as possible open source (if they use tabs) projects 
>> to implement it. Off course we provide them with the results of the 
>> usability research to convince them. If kde, gnome and mozilla agree 
>> with it, probable a lot of small programs will also use it. I hope this 
>> will lead to a very consistent tab behavior in every open source 
>> applications.
>> Before I'm going to spend my time with it, I like know what the you 
>> think of it? I will only do this if it's supported by ubuntu. Otherwise 
>> we are doing things double. Collaborations are better :) When they 
>> support it, it's time to contact the projects and ask if they are open 
>> for such a standard.
> Hi,
> Now than Ubuntu 7.04 is available we are looking at specifications to
> work on for next cycle. That's nice that you have interest to this one.
> Upstream really looks like the places where such changes should happen
> because consistency is a nice thing and there is nothing distribution
> specific there.
> The specification has changes we can already work on like updating GNOME
> applications to the new GTK code.
> Do you still want to contact upstreams about that? If you want to work
> on it let we know, we are interested to read upstream discussions and
> details about what they think about it
> Cheers,
> Sebastien Bacher

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