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Corey Burger corey.burger at
Mon Apr 16 03:48:59 BST 2007

On 4/14/07, Russell Bonchu <russbonchu at> wrote:
> I a Linux Noob who just installed Ubuntu Daper Drake on a machine that
> is also running WindowsXP. The install went fine until I rebooted and
> tried to boot into XP. Now when I try it that Autocheck failed and it
> restarts and goes back to the boot manager.
> Now I saw on a forum that it was possible that the XP partition was
> "hidden," and that if I went into CFDisk I could easily change it. The
> problem there is that when I started Terminal and typed in CFDisk it
> said: "Fatal Error Cannot open disk drive press any key to exit Fdisk."
> Now what do I do? I need to run XP for some of my windowns only
> programs, and my wife will kill me if this doesn't get fixed in a big
> hurry. Can somebody please help? Thank you in advance!
> Russ Bonchu


This isn't a user support mailing list. Please use ubuntu-users,
#ubuntu on irc or the forums if you need help.



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