Nautilus should use a background by default

Tristan Wibberley maihem at
Sat Sep 23 14:25:59 BST 2006

David Prieto wrote:
>> The snow white background is terrible for people with poor eyesight.
> Really? Why is that?

It has such strong texture of a similar size to the texture of the text 
on it.

>> Any background needs to be an awful lot subtler than that, and an awful lot 
>> more pale.
> I find snow white quite pale, but it was just an example anyway. What if
> we had a subtler BG? Would it be a good idea to set it as default?

I fear that a background appropriate for those with poor eyesight would 
be about 256x256. Say:

random dots, lowpassed. Raise the brightness and contrast to make it 
paler, then tilify it. There might be a better convolution than plain 
lowpass that will perform the tilification in the same step and give 
better results, but I've done everything except tilifying and it looks good.

Does anybody know how to tilify in the GIMP?

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