Proposed change to h.u.c/community/WikiGuide/Communication

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Tue Sep 19 19:41:35 BST 2006

I'd link to change something on

"Do not link pages on the pages directly linked-off UserDocumentation
(eg. Multimedia) until they have been reviewed and are out of
CategoryCleanup "

I'd like to make it easier for new wiki editors to find pages that need
some TLC while they're using the wiki.

I suggest we agree on a way of indicating that a certain page is not
finished rather than leaving it out in the cold and hoping someone
decides (rather randomly) to clean it up. I come across more pages worth
linking to than I have time to clean up.

The specific example is
which has no link for QEMU (near the bottom) even though a roughed out
page exists at

I suggest a change to the guide so it reads (something like)

"Be cautious adding links to pages which are still in CategoryCleanup on
the pages directly linked-off UserDocumentation (eg. Multimedia). If you
really feel a page is worth linking to, maybe the only wikipage on the
subject, make sure there is a note at the top stating "This page is
unfinished and is in need of editorial work. You can help by checking
the contents accuracy and making it conform to the WikiGuide."

So, Matthew, what do you say?


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