If "System Tools" be move to "System > Tools"

Evandro Fernandes Giovanini evandrofg at ig.com.br
Thu Sep 14 03:07:06 BST 2006

Em Qui, 2006-09-14 às 00:01 +0200, Sebastien Bacher escreveu:
> Le mardi 05 septembre 2006 à 08:56 +0800, Joel Bryan Juliano a écrit :
> > What if "Applications > System Tools" be moved to  "System > Tools"
> > 
> > I also think that "Network Tools" and "System Monitor" would be great
> > to move to "Tools"
> Hi,
> "Applications, System Tools" items have been moved to different
> categories for dapper so "System Tools" is not a category listed by the
> default installation. Do you think that moving the Category would be
> better than moving items like we do at the moment?

The entries in that category are all disabled by default, but I see two

1) the user may want to enable some of them;

2) non-standard applications may install entries there.

So there's a good chance an Ubuntu user will see "Applications, System

Now, GNOME 2.18 will have a new control center shell and it will
probably integrate gnome-system-tools, so the two categories in System
(Administration and Preferences) will look different anyway. In that
case I think it's probably best to replace the two categories with an
entry for the control center shell, and restore the System Tools
category in "System, Tools".


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