making ubuntu PC network with windows !

Dawa dawatse at
Tue Oct 17 05:02:27 BST 2006

Dear all,
A couple of days back i have installed Ubuntu 6.06 on to my PC as a
desktop. i found all the packages that come along with the Ubuntu is
simple and great. since i'm new to the world of linux and also to the
Ubuntu i have some questions to ask you and am sure someone must have
faced this already. so please help me get out of the following mentioned
problem that i'm facing at present.
1) how to make file sharing from Ubuntu so that other windows networked
PC can also see the shared file from the Ubuntu PC.
2) how do i install printer through the network that has made shared
from windows XP PC (printer names are HP Laserjet 1010 and Hp Deskjet
3)Is there any default password for the 'root' in Ubuntu? it never asked
me the root password when i was installing Ubuntu. it just asked the
'user name' and the 'password' but not for the 'root'. so when i access
  'su' from the command shell, it ask password of the root but it didn't
accepts my user password? so please help me how do i get root password
for this?

thanks a lot in advance..

tashi Deleck,


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