gtk 2 gecko error while complile yelp!

Eric Butler eric at
Mon Oct 9 08:10:39 BST 2006

Hi, in the future, please submit support requests to the support request
tracker at or the forums
at, and not the mailing lists.

You can have apt automatically resolve build dependencies for you by
using "apt-get build-dep".

sudo apt-get build-dep yelp


张召伟 wrote:
> my system ubuntu desktop: 610 ,    yelp:   2.16.1-0ubuntu2
> I download yelp source with command "apt-get source yelp",  with no 
> change, then run  "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot" to build yelp package, 
> but have error:
> checking whether we have a gtk 2 gecko build... configure: error: This
> program needs a gtk 2 gecko build
> I search this error mesg in google, but have no useful info, what causes
> this problem and howto resolve it ?
> Best Regards!
> walker

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