Logout Icon and desktop icon

Duncan Lithgow duncan at lithgow-schmidt.dk
Tue May 23 00:25:04 BST 2006

On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 06:18 +0800, Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
> Nice work with the logout icon, now it's recognizable to be something
> related to shutdown function. I hope we can still use the logout
> lightswitch icon, because it's more artistic and fun than the new
> icon, and it fits well with the panel. 
> And the new desktop icon is very brown, with a white boarder, I hope
> you use something more different than white for people who have
> 800x600 screen resolution, because it looks like a crab upside down,
> or a racing car because the white boarder is barely seen. 
I agree that the contrast there is too low. I would darken the frame and
lighten the screen.

That dialog sure has come a long way since Breezy. I really like the way
it's developed,


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