Logout icon and menu

Armand CORBEAUX acorbeaux at gmail.com
Mon May 22 21:42:16 BST 2006

Damn...that's always a subject of discussion...

Since last update logout icon in the corner explains cleanly for that it
is,but the menu is always a problem...

If the "logout" icon means "shutdown", why the "shutdown" icon in the menu
doesn't look as it? It's a visual association's problem, because people will
be lost.

In the same aspect, the "lockscreen" icon has lost his "lock", and finally
what means an alone screen icon? I think that the "lock" indication must be
back for a better comprehension.

...Also about the "change user" icon...who think that microsoft has the best
designers?? A double arrow means nothing intuitive. Perhaps it must be a mix
between it and the "people icon" (in the general idea of exchange between

Oh! And that's perhaps nothing but...about the "logout session" icon...can't
it be a "dynamic" icon which will represent the "logout" screenpak fchoosen
by the user? In this way, yes it will be intuitive for anybody.

That's only suggestions, but I hope that one of those days somebody will
open his eyes and understand that Apple or Microsoft's choices aren't the
best, and that the change signifies nothing if it means improvement.
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