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Christophe Augier christophe.augier at gmail.com
Wed May 10 16:38:51 BST 2006


i'm quite confused by your script. Your repeting some operations with
sed and thus create more files than it is needed. Why don't you use a
single sed pipe with sequential commands such as :

sed -e '/^[ \t]*$/d;s,^[ \t]*,,;s,>[ \t]*<,><,g;s,[ \t]*$,,' > tmpfile.xml

and then use the 'tr' command on tmpfile.xml

(sorry if i'm using ',' instead of '/' as the substitution command delimiters)

I did not test the performance issue, but i feel it's definitly an
improvement to decrease from 30 seconds to just a few.

I'm also wondering, why we need to do that? Can't rhythmbox generates
an already 'optimized' file? I quickly checked and couldn't find such
feature in libxml2.


- Christophe

On 5/10/06, Joel Bryan T. Juliano <joelbryan.juliano at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I made a simple script to quickstart rhythmbox by optimizing it's
> XML database.
> The script is just a basic optimizer for XML & HTML.
> It can be used to any HTML & XML files.
> I restart the system to check the difference of
> non-optimized and optimized database.
> I have 7814 songs, and The difference is when it's non-optimized,
> rhythmbox will start loading the songs, counting 2 digits, (i.e. 40, 46,
> 49....7814) for 30 seconds or so, but when it's optimized, the counting
> will skip to 3 digits to 4 digits in just seconds, (i.e. 146, 300,
> 615....7814), and rhythmbox starts much faster.
> Rhythmbox will reformat the XML, so the script will be needed to run
> again. I think it's good to run the script at startup because once
> rhythmbox had been loaded, it'll be much faster, for both optimized and
> non-optimized, so re-running the script is a good idea when the cached
> memory had been cleared.
> a backup of your current databases will be created (rhythmdb_backup.xml,
> playlists_backup.xml), so just copy it to the rhythmdb.xml.
> The databases are in $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/ directory.
> The script is attached in this message, (rhythmbox-quickstart)
> JB
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