inconsistent use of the words "suspend" and "sleep" on the deskto p

André Rüdiger andre.ruediger at
Tue May 9 08:26:12 BST 2006

Hello List!

I'd suggest using the terms suspend2disk/suspend2ram/suspend2* internally
since it describes cleary what it does from a technically point of view.

I think we shoud reconsider what we show to the user. I think the user
doesn't care if the computer sleeps/suspends/stands by/* to disk or ram or
whatever. He just wants it to have a break. Why not let power-manager (or
other app) decide what to do: on battery -> suspend2disk, on AC ->
suspend2ram? I think Joe Avaerage doesn't slelect hibernate/suspend/* - he
just closes the lid...

Any thoughts?

Greetings - André

Sorry for the bad 'English' ;)
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