adding X to server (+ documentation)

Marcus Wagenaar mwagena at
Mon Jul 31 22:24:10 BST 2006

JoE wrote:
> Hmm . . . i'm not suggesting that we use all the same documentation.
> It would be useless, for example, to have synaptic documentation on
> server.  

That's wasn't my idea either ;-) I just meant that the specific parts of 
documentation that are relevant to the server environment.

> But a good guide for installing various X environments (basic
> X windows stuff, ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, etc) should be
> there.  Mostly what I meant was that the changes we make to the way
> documentation is used and accessed should be echoed.  

Sorry, I really don't understand what you mean (the last sentence) but 
would like to give some input and maybe contribute to the documentation. 
Maybe you could clarify (ie. give a specific example) of server 
documentation. I don't have access to an ubuntu-server now so it would 
help if you could give an example of how the documentation is accessed 
at this point in time, and how the documentation looks.

I assumed the documentation was taken from various sources (official 
documentation, wiki, forum) and manually put together in (text-only) 
html pages (or something similar) with an index. That's why I suggested 
to focus on the actual documentation first before putting alot of effort 
into gathering/converting it for use in a server environment without X.

Some examples would make this discussion alot easier and may encourage 
people like me to start contributing documentation.


Marcus Wagenaar

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