adding X to server

JoE anivair at
Mon Jul 31 19:25:23 BST 2006

This is really only partially appropriate to us, but a friend of mine
recently tried to add X to his server install of ubuntu.  In the end,
after much frustration, he added ubuntu-desktop because it was all
that would work.

I'm all for ubuntu desktops, of course, but I see no reason that you
should have trouble adding X without all the ubuntu baggage if you
want it (it IS linux, after all).


Also, he was complaining about the uselessness of the documentation.
We've been doing a lot of that lately as well.  Those of you who are
also on the server team, bear in mind that any improvements we make to
our documentation need to be echoed in the text based server
documentation to be truly useful.


       ~joe auerbach

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