lexmark driver support

Alain Perry alain.perry at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 14:10:55 BST 2006

On 7/22/06, Christopher Jackson <tigger76 at verizon.net> wrote:
> I currently own a lexmark x1185 multi function printer and desperately
> want to get it working in Ubuntu.

Well, it looks like it might be possible. However, the Ubuntu-Desktop
mailing list is probably not the place to ask. You might even find
someone who already has got it working in the Ubuntu forums, where
support should be asked for.

> I can get my digicam ( a Kodak Easyshare DX7590)which has NO linux
> drivers to work perfectly for ubuntu.

That's nice, but the fact that a vendor does not say its products have
"NO linux drivers" does not make it true. They might not make the
drivers themselves, but if their product uses a standard protocol (USB
mass storage, in the case of cameras, for example), or if a user has
made a free driver, it should be enough for Ubuntu.

> Can you guys develop a driver update for the driver database so I CAN
> install the drivers for my printer? atleast for the printer
> functionality? and a driver for the scanner functionality? I am hoping
> to break free of my windows XP partition by being able to delete it
> forever and run just on ubuntu. but i can't delete the windows partition
> until I know everything is setup to work on my linux install.

It is not that simple. Build a driver for a printer needs access to
the specifications of said printer. In your case, you might be able to
get it to work if you really want to, since Lexmarks is providing i386
rpm packages for the z600 printer that Google tells me are compatible
with your printer. You should be able to get them to work on Ubuntu
with a bit of alien (apt-get install alien) and shell magic. As for
the scanner, it looks from the sane homepage like it is already
supported (Ubuntu uses sane).

> I love your linux distro as it has to be the EASIEST distrobution to
> install and use. I love how quickly the OS installs an dis internet
> ready upon installation completion.

Unfortunately, due to vendors not caring, Linux distributions cannot
make everything work out of the box. Your printer is an example, since
I think the CUPS project would already support it if the vendor had
not make its ppd file dependant on a i386 only binary blob.

> please let me know where you stand on this issue as it is the ONLY
> hanging point I have with linux aside from driver installation

I can't talk for the Ubuntu project on that matter, but I guess they
stand there: they would really like it to work out of the box, but
cannot really do anything. The best way to know might be to file a bug
in launchpad asking for out-of-the-box support of your printer.

Here, I hope I didn't say too much bs...

Alain Perry

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