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you need configure your keyboard layout to accept English/X languages its
working fine with me English and Arabic via keyboard (shift+Alt), it is not
a bug.

On 7/15/06, Sebastian Heinlein <glatzor at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 14.07.2006, 16:40 -0400 schrieb Abbas Khan:
> > Users should have the option when they lock their computer to change
> > the typing lanuage if they have more than one language installed. the
> > reasoning behind this is, lets says, i have english and lanuage X
> > installed, lets say my password is in english, if i am working in
> > lanuage X, and i lock my computer, suddenly i cannot type my password
> > cuz the current laungauge is language X and my password is in english,
> > or vica versa, so the lock screen should have a language selection
> > menu if the user has more than one language installed.
> Have you already filled a bug about this?
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